Are you looking for the best ironing board Australia has to offer? Look no further than our selection at X! Our boards are made from the highest quality materials and construction, ensuring your clothes come out wrinkle-free every time. With so many options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect board for your needs.

If you’ve never heard of an ironing board, it’s practically a household item for all Australians. They are used to smooth out wrinkles in our clothes to look presentable before we head off to work or school.

Ironing boards are usually made from metal or wood and have either padded tops or cushions to make ironing more comfortable. The best part about having an ironing board is that it’s portable, so you can easily slide it into a cupboard or underneath a bed for simple storage.

We have shown below 5 best ironing boards, which ish the best buy.

1. Leifheit 72585 Air Board Compact Table Ironing Board 

Leifheit 72585 Air Board comes with a free iron rest which you can quickly fix at the corner of your board. It is a compact and space-saving ironing board that will provide years of service. The board has a very lightweight surface made from special plastic, reducing the amount of time needed to iron your clothes and making for easy storage.

Leifheit 72585 Ironing Board is adjustable for height, so you will be able to iron clothes of all kinds. Even better, Leifheit 72585 has a thermal coating on the surface which reflects heat away from your skin while you are ironing.

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2.Minky Ergo Ironing Board

Minky Ergo Ironing Board is a 122 x 38 cm, 4 leg design made from high-quality steel and has a rubber footing to provide stability while ironing. The board has a very stylish silver finish which will easily fit in any modern home.

Tired of crouching or bending down to reach your clothes? This Minky Ergo Ironing Board comes with a unique ergonomic rest for your elbow, ensuring you remain comfortable at all times. There’s no need to lean on the board since this one has been designed keeping your needs in mind.

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3. Bartnelli Rorets Space Saving Ironing Board 

Bartnelli Rorets Ironing Board is one of the most sturdy ironing boards on our list. It has a lovely white finish and four metal legs that provide it with stability while in use. The board comes with an additional cushion to ensure your clothes are not burnt by any steam or hot water that escapes from the iron.

The board comes with a storage hanger, allowing you to store it in your wardrobe when it is not being used. The metal mesh top will allow steam to pass through and evaporate, which helps you iron clothes faster and better than ever before.

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4. Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest

Brabantia is an innovative brand that has been around for over 75 years. They are known for making quality products, including this Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest. The board has a sturdy design and will remain stable on any floor type.

The board comes with a cover made from 100% cotton, which can be easily removed to clean and make it look new again. It has a standard design and will easily fit any home, meaning you can rest assured that you are making the right choice by buying this one.

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5. Brabantia Ironing Board with Steam Iron Rest and Linen Rack

This is a great ironing board from Brabantia, known for making quality products. It is perfect for people with little storage space in their homes, as it has many different features, the largest being the linen rack to hold your iron when not in use.

The board cover is made from 100% cotton and comes in a range of colors, so you can choose one that suits your home. The board is very stable and wide-sized, allowing you to iron clothes of different shapes and sizes with ease.

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How to choose the best ironing board

Some points to keep in mind while buying a new ironing board:

1. Size:

Size is essential if you buy an ironing board for your home or even a professional setting. Make sure that the size of the board will fit into the area where it will be used without taking up too much space. If you’re using it in a bigger place, I recommend choosing a larger-sized board.

2. Board Cover:

The cover of the board is also very important. Generally, most are made from 100% cotton, but they come in different fabrics. Make sure that you choose one that suits your needs, whether with a waterproof surface or regular cotton fabric.

3. Height Adjustability:

If you buy an ironing board for more than one person, choose one easily adjusted height. This will ensure that you iron each piece at an adequate height, so it’s not too high or low for your body.

4. Tilt:

There are a few models of ironing boards with adjustable tilts, so make sure you check out if this feature is essential for you before buying. If no tilt option is available, consider purchasing a separate rolling board.

5. Storing Space:

Did you know that some of the larger-sized boards come with built-in hangers? These can help save on storage space that you might need in your home or laundry room.

6. Board Legs:

The stability of an Ironing Board is very important. The most common ironing board legs are foldable and fixed Ironing Board legs. Other than that, some come with adjustable height with different leveling systems.

7. Iron Rest:

The Iron Rest on the board is an important addition to help you in the smooth ironing process. However, not all boards come with this feature, and you might need to buy it separately.

FAQs about best ironing board Australia

Q. Is it a good idea to use a special anti-scratch pad during ironing?

A. Yes, you should use a special anti-scratch pad when ironing so that your clothes are safe from any damage caused by rough patches on the board’s surface.

Q. What is the best place to store an ironing board?

A. If you have enough storage in your home, it is good to keep your ironing board inside a wardrobe or cupboard because this will allow you to save space and prevent dust from gathering on it.

Q: Is this item collapsible?

A: No, these boards aren’t collapsible; they are very sturdy and of excellent quality, though! I would recommend them.

Q: I’m looking for a 3 layer cover but wouldn’t mind getting a 4 layer one. Is this a good idea?

A: I’m really happy with my Brabantia board and how sturdy it is; however, the cover will show hot water stains from your iron. It is only 4 layers so they would be very obvious; I ended up buying a 3 layer cover that hides them well but can see through to the boards metal mesh a little – nothing a bit of steam won’t fix! Hope that helps x

Q: Would this ironing board fit in most wardrobes?

A: Yes, most wardrobes are deep enough to hold the board. The board takes up about 2ft width-wise, but you also need space when you open it out as there’s a hinge at each end. You can’t permanently close the board against a wall as it needs to be open.

The height is about 4ft and folds away to half the size (2ft) without the iron rest. Hope this helps, but worth getting it as so much better than a standard one!


The best ironing boards in Australia are those that fit into your home’s decoration theme and also provide stability while you’re working on them. Please make sure the iron rest area doesn’t scratch your clothes or leave too many creases on them.