Hello, friends. Let’s talk about one of the most important parts of your home- the showerhead. This is where you will spend a good deal of time each day, so why not choose something that meets all your needs?

The showerhead is not an area where you want to be cheap. A lot of times, people think that just because something is expensive, it must be of good quality. This isn’t always true and can sometimes lead to a bad purchase. You need the right information before making a decision.

Don’t worry! We’ve laid out all the facts below so you can learn about the best shower heads Australia options.

How to Choose the right shower head

There are a few things you want to consider when buying the best shower head for your needs, including:

Water Pressure: Some shower heads are better at conserving water, while others provide a more enjoyable flow. Usually, you can pick between 2-5 settings in order to get the feel you want.

nozzle size The size of your shower head’s nozzle will ultimately determine the pressure and evenness of your spray. A wider hole will distribute more water, while a smaller one will produce a finer, more concentrated spray.

Material: The material from which the showerhead is made should be durable enough to last for years but still work with your unique water pressure.

Spray: There are two different types of sprays that are common with showerheads- a widespread or a concentrated spray. A widespread is usually meant to cover more area and works well for people who prefer a powerful flow of water, while the concentrated spray delivers a more direct, even stream.

Types of Shower heads

Showerheads are available in two main types: fixed and handhelds. Each type has its own set of compelling features, and it all comes down to your personal preferences.

1. Fixed Shower Heads

As the name suggests, fixed shower heads are one-piece units that can’t be adjusted during use. They normally have a long pipe running from the mount to the shower head itself. If you’re looking for a complete system that’s easy to install, this may be the one for you.

Robotic Shower Heads are an upcoming type of shower heads that are making waves in the market. They’re made to do everything from washing your hair to cleaning the floor-like a regular shower system but with added features.

2. Handheld Shower Heads

Handheld units normally come as a separate accessory that’s placed on the shower mount. They’re lightweight, portable and can easily be moved from one end of the rail to another. It’s a good choice for those who simply want a general sprayer with adjustable settings- no extra bells and whistles here.

3. Dual Shower Heads

The dual shower head type offers you the best of both handheld and fixed units, allowing you to switch between each one easily. You can use them as separate units or combine them for added coverage- it’s all up to your preference.

You can now find an extended range of shower heads. These offer additional features like different spray settings, built-in thermostats and water-saving options. Choose according to your needs and preferences for maximum satisfaction.

4. Wall Mounted Shower Head

Wall-mounted shower heads are perfect for those who want a complete system without taking up too much space. They’re attached to the wall and offer full-body coverage- not as adjustable as other types, but still effective and worth considering!

5. Rainfall Shower Head

This type is perfect for those who want an open, no-frills shower system. The rainfall design evenly distributes water flow throughout the tub to give you full-body coverage. If you’re not looking for something flashy and are simply after quality, this might be the way to go!

1. Bristan FHC ABRD01 C 200mm ABS Round Fixed Head

First, we have included Bristan FHC ABRD01 C 200mm ABS Round Fixed Head, which comes from a great company. It is solid and durable, which maintains the beauty of your bathroom for a long time.

The Bristan FHC ABRD01 C Fixed Head Shower Head is an ideal solution for those looking for a simple, straightforward showering experience. With just one setting, it delivers the same intensity of water to all areas of your body. It’s made with durable ABS construction that will last for years and comes with a five-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Also, it’s compatible with any Bristan shower arm, so you can easily match it to your existing fixture. It offers a sleek chrome finish that will complement most bathroom decors and is low maintenance for less of a hassle.

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2.2 in 1 Shower Heads Diverter Wall Arm Rain Shower Head 

Second, we have included 2 in 1 Shower Heads, which offer the convenience of a shower head and handheld sprayer at an affordable price. It has a very sturdy metal body, making the bathroom look beautiful.

The 2 in 1 Shower Heads is a stylish, innovative shower system that allows you to choose between either the overhead or handheld sprayer easily. It comes with an all-inclusive ABS plastic handheld unit for added functionality and convenience.

The ABS handheld sprayer includes three settings- massage, gentle rain, and spray. The wall arm is made with metal for durability and the stainless steel rain shower head is rust-resistant for added longevity.

All units are easy to install by yourself in less than half an hour, plus you get a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee! It’s also backed by a 3-year replacement parts warranty, so you can buy with confidence.

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3.WELS 9″ Round Rain Shower Head  

At number three, we include the WELS 9″ Round Rain Shower Head, which comes from a reliable company and offers an extended shelf life guarantee.

The WELS 9″ Round Rain Shower Head is a stylish, functional showerhead that will add value to your bathroom. It has an ultra-modern design with rose brass construction for added durability and longevity.

It’s also perfect if you’re looking for something more compact and minimalistic. Easy to install, it comes with all the necessary parts and a simple instruction manual to show you how.

The WELS 9″ Round Rain Shower Head is ANSI certified and has a 4-star water rating for efficiency. It’s made in China with Australian materials, so you can expect top-notch quality. It also comes with a 3-year replacement parts warranty, so you can buy it with an absolute peace of mind!

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4. Methven Maku Satinjet Handset 

We have included the Methven Maku Satinjet Handset at number four, which is modern and stylish. This is an excellent option to make your bathroom very premium and stylish.

The Methven Maku Satinjet Handset with Chrome Finish is the perfect addition to any shower in need of a little extra functionality. It has nozzles suitable for both standard and mixer showers, so it’s easy to switch up your current design with something more modern!

It also comes with no-spill technology that allows you to wash shampoo out of your hair easily by waving your head backward and forwards under the water. Made with ABS chrome it’s rust-resistant for added durability and will look great in any bathroom!

You get a 3-year warranty when you buy your Methven Maku Satinjet Handset with Chrome Finish, so you can rest easy knowing it’ll last for years to come. It also comes with a 9L per minute flow regulator to help you save water and money!

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5.High Pressure 15CM Shower Head

Lastly, we have included the High-Pressure 15CM Shower Head, made from a solid material. This 15CM Shower Head comes from a great brand that guarantees perfect operation for a long time.

The High-Pressure 15CM Shower Head is a large, luxurious shower head that will make your bathroom pop. It has nozzles for both standard and mixer showers, so you can change up your current setup with something more modern!

There are also no-spill technology jets installed, perfect to wash shampoo out of your hair easily by waving your head backward and forwards under the water. There is a 9l per minute flow regulator to save you money and water, making this a great choice for your average household!

The ABS plastic used to make the showerhead is rust-resistant and comes in a beautiful chrome finish. It’s also environmentally friendly, so you can buy with complete peace of mind! It comes with a 1-year warranty when you buy, so if anything goes wrong in the meantime, there’s no need to worry.

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FAQs: Best shower heads Australia

1. What are the tips to choose the best shower heads Australia ?

First of all, you need to know how much you want to spend on this thing. As long as the budget is not too tight, you will find many nice kinds of stuff in the market.

Secondly, it’s recommended checking reviews about products from some other people. It helps knowing more information and get an idea about real quality of the product. For example, if someone has bought a wrong item or can’t use it properly, he or she will certainly share that experience with all potential customers through customer reviews. So try to read them before buying anything online!

Finally, check out its warranty carefully! Really good items come with at least 2-year warranty, so make sure the one you choose is up to your demand!

2. What are some shower head reviews for this year?

As far as I know, metheun maku satinjet handset with chrome finish (MAHPCPUK), Methven showerhead spare parts replacement part , High pressure 15cm shower head big size chrome 360° rotation anti clogging silicone nozzles shower head replacement for bathroom(6inch) , and my last option is Home-Labs handheld shower head waterpik rainfall superstore, are most popular shower heads in 2022.

3.Where can I buy a best shower heads australia ?

There are many online shops which sell products, some of them are good for you, some of them are not. It’s recommended checking about each of them carefully before making a deal.

4.What are the price range of a best shower heads australia ?

The price of any product depends on its quality, design, usage and many other things. So before choosing checking reviews about it, try to know more information about each online shop and their products!

5.What is consumer reports for shower heads?

Customer reviews can be seen on the site of any online shops, which are already mentioned above.

Last word

There are large amounts of showerheads available on the market. Some people have a problem choosing which one is the best for them. If you want to take a nice shower, don’t hesitate to buy those shower heads listed here as they will surely not let you down!

Thank you for reading this article about the best shower heads in Australia, hopefully, this article useful for you. If you liked this information, don’t forget to share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or other social.