Hoverboard lover looking for the best Hoverboard canada? Look no further than our list of the top hoverboards in Canada! We’ve tested out all the latest models to bring you our favorites. Whether you’re looking for a basic model or something with extra features, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll tell you where to buy them so you can get your hands on one today!

The Hoverboard is suitable for commuting and is a great way to get around. It’s an easy and fun way to get where you’re going, whether that’s work or school.

The best thing is they’re free! Seeing as you already use your feet for walking, why not put them to a different use? There are so many different kinds of boards out there it can be hard to pick just one. That’s why we’ve tested all the latest models, so you don’t have to spend hours looking at reviews trying to pin down which board suits you best.

We also show where you can buy hoverboards online in Canada. After all, if you want the latest model, then waiting till it comes into stock at your local retailer isn’t much help! We’ve researched all the significant stores so you can buy online to get your board delivered right to your door!

How to Choose the best Hoverboard Canada

Buying a good hoverboard is not easy, but you can make it easy by keeping some essential points in mind.

1. UL Certification:

UL certification means that the product has all the necessary safety measures regarding its production. If you are looking to purchase a hoverboard, first check that UL approval is there. This will ensure your health and safety, which is essential while choosing a broad.

2. Weight Capacity:

Board weight capacity plays a vital role in choosing the right one for you. So make sure to choose more than average if your weight is above average or select less compared to average if your weight is below average. Some boards are designed only for adults, so make sure to pick up this type of board if you’re an adult; otherwise, there’s a risk of falling from it accidentally.

3. Maximum Speed:

Hoverboard’s maximum speed range varies between 6 – 10 Mph. If you are looking for a board, then make sure to check its full speed capability before buying it.

4. Battery life:

A good battery will last up to 1 hour when fully charged. Make sure to select the one with long battery life so that you can enjoy your ride without any interruption.

5. Availability of replacement batteries:

Some hoverboards come with only one replaceable backup battery, while some come up with two or more two replaceable batteries, which are most beneficial because if one goes out, you still have enough backup batteries available to keep the fun going on and on without any stop!

6. Price:

Hoverboard price varies from $200 – $2000 depending on features like built-in Bluetooth, LED lights, UL certification, etc. So make sure to choose according to your budget!

1. GOTRAX NOVA Hoverboard with LED 6.5 inch Wheels

First, we have included GOTRAX NOVA Hoverboard with LED 6.5-inch Wheels, which is very stylish and comes with excellent quality. In this, we see all kinds of smart functions which make your experience the best.

The GOTRAX NOVA Hoverboard comes with light-up wheels, which are pretty cool. It also comes with T-bar style handgrips to safely guide you while riding the Hoverboard. The battery is replaced by removing the board’s side panel, then slide in a new one in place. This Hoverboard has twelve LED lights underneath that make it easy to see when it is dark out.

The GOTRAX NOVA Hoverboard can reach a top speed of ten kilometers per hour. It has a large capacity battery that allows you to ride for up to one full hour, and it is UL2272 Certified!s.

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2. XPRIT Hoverboard w/Bluetooth Speaker

At number two, we have included XPRIT Hoverboard w/ Bluetooth Speaker, where a perfect colour combination can be seen. Besides this, many smart features have been given to it, which help it run smoothly.

The XPRIT Hoverboard is a hoverboard that has ten-inch wheels and can max out at six miles per hour. This allows you to move around quickly while riding this large yet compact board. If the battery gets low while you’re using your new board, it comes with two replacement batteries and a charger for an easy swap.

This Hoverboard is available in three colors: black, blue, and red. It has a six-inch LED light on the front of it to help light your way, especially outdoors when it’s dark out. The weight limit for this board is up to 165 pounds.

It also comes with an impressive UL 2272 Certification that ensures the safety of this product. This certification provides you with peace of mind knowing that your board is built to be safe for use by its rider(s).

This XPRIT hoverboard comes with Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect your mobile device. If you want, you can listen to music or answer phone calls directly through this board.

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3.HoverFly Glide Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter with Music 

We have included a great HoverFly Glide Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter at number three. This comes from a good company providing good products in Canada for many years. Its colour combination looks very attractive.

This HoverFly Glide Hoverboard comes with a UL 2272 Certification built with a top speed of ten kilometers per hour. It has a large capacity battery that allows you to ride for one full hour. The wheels on this board are six inches in size.

This certification provides you with peace of mind knowing that your board is built to be safe for use by its rider(s). This HoverFly Glide Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter with Music Speaker can reach a top speed of ten kilometers per hour.

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4. Gyrocopters PRO 6.0 All Terrain Hoverboard 

We have included the Gyrocopters PRO 6.0 All Terrain Hoverboard at number four, where a beautiful design and colour combination can be seen. All kinds of smart features have been provided to make your ride enjoyable.

The Gyrocopters Pro 6.0 is designed for both beginners and experienced riders! You can choose between a beginner, intermediate or advanced mode to fit your riding experience level. Get ready to cruise with this Hoverboard that offers a max speed of 12 km/h and a riding time of up to 60 mins.

This UL-certified hoverboard lets you see your battery life, speed, and distance through built-in Bluetooth speakers – Safety First! The Gyrocopters PRO 6.0 includes front and backlights plus features an anti-slip system with sensors located on the side of the Hoverboard. Keep your balance by leaning to either side or simply stepping off when you need a break!

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5. Gyroor Warrior 8.5 inch All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard 

Last on this list, we have included the Gyroor Warrior 8.5-inch All Terrain Off-Road Hoverboard. Very advanced technology has been used in this, which will help you control it. Not only this, but it also comes with a stunning and attractive design.

This excellent 8.5-inch Off-Road Hoverboard comes with Self-balancing technology and built-in Bluetooth speakers. It can effectively handle different surfaces like grass, dirt, gravel, or wet conditions with its 8.5-inch pneumatic tires and 700W dual motors (1 on each wheel). You can enjoy music while riding it because we have included a high-quality speaker to make your rides more fun.

It has a maximum speed of 8 mph. It can carry people weighing up to 265 lbs. Its battery is UL certified, which shows that it meets the strict safety standards required for charging.

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FAQs about best hoverboard Canada

What is a hoverboard?

A hoverboard is a two-wheeled self-balancing scooter that turns into a standup electric skateboard when removing the front footpad. Hoverboards are often operated with a wireless Bluetooth controller and can be paired with your phone to play music while riding it.

Why should I buy the best Hoverboard in Canada?

You have come to the right place if you want to buy the best Hoverboard in Canada because we have researched and listed some of the most popular ones for you! You might ask yourself: Why should I buy the best Hoverboard in Canada? It’s simple; they’re cheaper than ever but just as safe – apparently safer even. They also have excellent safety features and the latest technology to give you a smooth ride!

What is UL Certification?

UL, or Underwriters Laboratories Inc., is an independent product safety certification organization that tests products to protect the public against unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with specific electronic equipment. All hoverboards that bear the UL mark have been tested for product safety compliance by UL and are compliant with all applicable electrical safety standards.

How do I know if the best Hoverboard in Canada is safe?

It’s simple! Just look for a UL 2272 Certified label on it – Which means that the board was tested and approved by UL to meet all safety standards. 

How much does the best Hoverboard cost?

You can find the best hoverboards for around $200. They also come with thousands of discounts – Great news! You can save up to 50% off on your purchase – Great if you want to buy more than one, not so great if you’re happy with just one 🙂 The price varies depending on the model and store you choose, but we list only the reputable stores that sell high-quality goods and provide good customer service.


We hope you enjoyed the best Hoverboard Canada article. In case of questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below; we will try our best to reply as soon as possible.