Today, having the best welding helmet is very important, especially when working on your project in a bad light. But there is no point in purchasing the best welding helmets if you don’t know how to choose one for yourself.

One question that might be troubling many of us is, “Which type of welding helmet should I buy?” And this article will answer that question.

Welding helmets are available in various types. The best welding helmet should be chosen according to the kind of work you want to do with it. Different welding helmets are designed specifically for various welding applications, and they all serve other purposes. Therefore it is necessary to understand their functions before purchasing one.

Types Of Welding Helmets

There are 5 major types of welding helmets. Every type of helmet is designed differently, and each one has its unique features that you should know before buying one. Following are the four major types of welding helmets available today-

1]. Auto-Darkening Helmet

A standard auto-darkening helmet needs no manual operation, and it turns dark automatically when you start welding. All you have to do is wear the helmet and get ready to weld.

2]. Passive Welding Helmet

It does not need a battery or any other power supply to work. The lenses in these helmets are designed to darken automatically when they sense ultra-violet radiation emitted by the arc during welding.

3]. Variable Shade Welding Helmet

These hats offer a variable shade range so that you can set the correct shade level according to various welding applications. You can put the helmet from shade #9 to shade #13 or more, i.e.; it has a broad spectrum of shades available. In addition, these helmets come with different types of sensors that automatically adjust the shade level according to lighting conditions outside and welding arcs inside.

4]. Pancake Welding Helmet

Pancake welding helmets are specially designed for TIG welding, and they offer excellent viewing angles. Also, the lenses of pancake helmets are larger than other types of helmets available, which allow you to see clearly while working with them.

5]. Leather Welding Mask

This type of welding helmet provides extra protection to your face. It includes a leather hood and some welding lenses, and it is specially designed for MIG/SMAW welding applications. Leather welding masks are suitable both for beginners as well as professionals.

So now you know the four major types of helmets available today, so let’s see what factors should be kept in mind while picking up one for yourself.

How to Picking Up The Right Helmet

1]. Type Of Work

The type of helmet you choose must be according to the work you want it for. You cannot use a standard auto-darkening helmet for plasma cutting, and the pancake welding helmets are only meant for TIG welding. So before purchasing a helmet, you have to ensure that it is suitable for your specific requirement.

2]. Lens Type

The next thing you should consider is the type of lens your helmet will have. You can choose a standard lens or a wide-viewing auto-darkening lens as per your preference.

3]. Sensors

Welding helmets come with three types of sensors: Photoelectric, Adaptive, and Microprocessor.

  • Photoelectric Sensor: It includes a light-emitting diode and a photocell that automatically adjusts the shade level according to welding arcs. If we use this type of sensor, the time required to switch from one shade level to another will be high.
  • Adaptive Sensor: As the name suggests, this type of sensor adapts/ learns the lighting conditions and accordingly adjusts shade levels. This significantly reduces the time required for switching between different shades while maximizing control over your welding environment. It is considered the most advanced sensor available today.
  • Microprocessor Sensor: As the name suggests, this type of sensor uses microprocessor technology to sense shade levels. It is an advanced version of an adaptive sensor, and it offers more control than photoelectric sensors over welding arcs.

4]. Battery Type

Battery types available with some helmets are rechargeable, while others use standard batteries, which can be replaced when required. So you have to decide whether you want a rechargeable or a standard battery type before purchasing a helmet.

5]. Weight And Size

A welding helmet must be comfortable and lightweight because if it is heavy, it will make your neck sore and increase the risk of accidents too. In addition, it should fit perfectly on your head so that it does not get loose while you are working. So you have to check the weight and size of a helmet before buying it for yourself.

6]. Warranty

Of course, you should look for a helmet with an extensive warranty because if anything goes wrong with the product, you won’t have to bear the repair costs. Most reputed companies offer a one-year warranty with their welding helmets, but some also provide two years or more. So make sure your welding helmet has an extensive warranty period.

1. SHYOSUCCE Solar Welding Helmet with Auto Darking 

This is SHYOSUCCE Solar Welding Helmet. The welding helmet has an adjustable headband and a flame retardant body. It is made of PP plastic, can protect your eyes from sparks, splashes, and radiation during welding. The solar welding device has lots of functions, and you can use it for MMA electrode welding, MIG/MAG & TIG welding, plasma cutting, and polishing.

The Best welding helmet UK can protect you from arc rays to ensure your safety and comfort. In addition, it has a wide viewing angle, can be used for sensitive light conditions, and comes with an automatic color adjustment system. So you will find it the best choice for your welding activities.

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2. Esab 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Screen

These Protective welding helmets in the UK will protect you from sparks and splashes. In this helm, a shadow mode is available, which blocks the light to ensure perfect clarity without blinding you at all. It comes with a dark filter that absorbs over 99% of harmful UV rays.

Esab 0700000800 Sentinel A50 Welding Screen has a small and sleek design, and it is lightweight, durable, and has a robust construction. In addition, it offers ease of use and unbeatable viewing clarity.

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3. LESOLEIL Welding Mask Auto Darkening

The LESOLEIL Welding Mask is a high-quality and reliable welding helmet. It has a lightweight and compact design, and it can be worn comfortably for long periods. This welding mask comes with an adjustable headband that enables wearers to work freely without discomfort or fatigue.

Additionally, this device is easy to use and comes with Solar Powered Li-Mi Battery, and it can adjust automatically and charge itself. The welding helmet is extremely easy to use and a user manual.

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4. TOOLIOM Welding Helmet 92 x 42mm 

The TOOLIOM Welding Helmet will give you complete visibility during welding. It is an improved version of the welding helmet with all the features you need. The product also has two sensors, a large viewing area, and quick adjustment settings.

This device will protect your eyes from UV rays, sharp sparks, and radiation too. In addition, it offers protection up to 1000 X. It is the best welding helmet in the UK for your protection.

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5. Yorbay Solar Power & Battery Welding Helmet

The Torbay Welding helmet is a solar-powered and battery welding mask, and it has a compact design and comes with 5 replacement glasses. This device will protect your eyes from UV rays, sharp sparks, and radiation too.

Also, it provides High-performance solar cells and a lithium battery. It offers protection up to 1000 X. So it is the best welding helmet in the UK for your protection.

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FAQs: Best welding helmet in the UK

What is a welding helmet?

The Best Welding Helmet in the UK featured in this article is the protective mask worn over your face to prevent injuries from electricity, ultraviolet radiation, and hot sparks during work. It’s suitable for steelworks, automobile industries, and shipbuilding.

Why should I choose a solar-powered welding helmet?

Solar Powered models are lightweight and recharge themselves. They offer adjustable sensitivity and shade control that helps to block bright light or other strong lights such as arc rays.

Why must we wear a welding helmet?

Each year, thousands of workers suffer permanent vision damage due to not wearing safety glasses while working with welders or other power tools like saws or drills. These accidents can easily be prevented by wearing the proper protective equipment like welding helmets, safety glasses, earmuffs, etc.

When should I replace my welding helmet?

The lifespan of your welding helmet depends on how you use it, i.e., if you frequently use your lens (replacement) or not. But usually, welding helmets have a lifespan of 2-3 years. If your helmet is not working correctly, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

What’s the difference between passive and auto-darkening helmets?

The passive welding helmet is suitable for low-amp TIG welding, MIG, and plasma cutting. It comes with a fixed shade level that can’t be adjusted manually. On the other hand, an auto-darkening helmet is an active device that reacts to the intensity of the light that falls on it. It’s suitable for MIG, TIG, and plasma arc cutting applications. However, the auto-darkening helmet is heavier than a passive one.


At the end of article 5 top-quality welding helmets review has been presented. The above goods are some best products which you can purchase with confidence. Some items offer a lifetime warranty, while others give 2 years guarantee. However, this buying guide will help you find out some best welding helmets under £50, so invest your money wisely.